Welcome to the blog, now it is my turn to share

It is a long period of consideration, which now has lead me to introduce you to my very own blog! Yes, now it is my turn to try for succes and challenge myself by sharing my experiences and thoughts with a group of strangers. To be specific, i would like to let you into my world, with focus on my diet and my lifestyle choices. But why is this part of my life more interesting than the rest? I have several factors which has lead me to choose this as my area of focus.

First reason, is the fact that i am a bit of a foodlover, and by that i mean that the kitchen is my personal playground. I love to cook, i love to experiment with cooking, and i love cooking which is lead by my intuition. Cooking has brought me many hours of entertainment, where i try a lot of exciting techniques and recipes. These hours, luckily, mostly result in tasty and delicious dishes or snacks, which often is the cause of excitement when it hits the table. This excitement is one of the major reasons why i enjoy cooking.

The second reason, is the fact that i have realized how a lot of people do not feel comfortable in a kitchen, as a result therefore they simply choose not try, since they think of cooking as too much of a hassle.  Although to me cooking has never been a hassle, and some delicious snacks can be whipped up in seconds if you know what to do. I can help give that insight and show how easily things can be made with whatever you have in your kitchen. I would love to be able to give these people some experiences of succes which hopefully be able to spark their love for cooking.

Thirdly i recently converted to a MIDLERTIDIG vegan lifestyle and therefore i am currently forced to think outside the box when it comes cooking. Many of the recipes i used to live by either contain meat, dairy or egg. This has caused me to develop a lot of exciting, healthy and plantbased dishes. I thought, my experiences with the transitioning  and the development which is currently happening with my diet, would be an interesting journey for you to follow.

The last and most meaningful reason is my lovely friends from high school. They always told my that i needed to share my knowledge of cooking and create a cookbook. I was always ambitious with my school lunches, mostly because i can’t stand the thought of having to eat dry rye bread with cold cuts of meat(A standard danish school lunch). Therefore i always made salads, sandwiches, and other exiting things and brought with me. These often got a lot of attention and recognition from my classmates and this has given me the confidence to share them with the world. As a result thereof i created this blog, so welcome and thank you to anyone who is interested in sharing this journey of food with me.



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