Fast, easy and simple snack -cocoa or licorice covered dates

When it comes to snacking, dates are an absolute favorite of mine. Not only is this little piece of heavenly fruit delicious, it also packs a bunch of health benefits. The high amounts of fiber helps with your digestion, and the supply of magnesium is a helping hand in the fight against high blood pressure and strokes. Be aware of the high amount of sugar though, as with all food items, dates should be enjoyed in moderation. If you want to learn more take a look at this website: Health benefits of dates No wonder why this sweet little thing has become such a popular health snack.

I enjoy my dates in a lot of different variations, raw, in protein balls, and as a sweetener in general. Although the recipe i am sharing with you today, has to be the most rewarding and impressive of all, especially when you compare it to how little time it takes to whip this together. you need two minutes tops, and since you only need supplies which can be bought dry and therefore stores for long periodes of time, you can have everything ready in your kitchen cabinets for unexpected guests – or just a treat for yourself. I bring you two versions of my powder covered dates.

What you will need –

version 1 – cacao dates:

  1. 100 g Dates (dried or fresh – whichever you prefer)
  2. 1 tbsp Unswetened cacao powder

Roll the dates in cacao powder and you are done! It is that easy! It will leave your guests in awe that something so simple can be so delicious. Fool proof right?

Version 2 – licorice dates:

  1. 100g Dates
  2. 2 tbs powdered licorice root
  3. 1 tbs raw licorice powder

Combine and voila! Obviusly this is a more risky choice compared to the cacao, but in my opinion it is very well worth it.

Hope you enjoy this impressivly fast and enjoyable snack. On a last note i want to thank you for reading.


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