My everyday breakfast – keeping it simple with homemade muesli

I was never really a breakfast loving person. The food  many people eat as breakfast often seem dull and boring, at least if they are simple and healthy as well. This has set me on a hunt. A hunt for an easy healthy vegan breakfast that would make breakfast something i would look forward to. That hunt came to an end with this healthy, easy and filling muesli recipe that i created. It replaces the dull or sugar infested cereals you would normally eat with cow milk with a healthy non cruelty version.

Now what is it that makes this muesli so great compared to the store bought kind? You know exactly what you are eating, you put in the ingredient so you know no harmful preservatives or unnecessary refined sugar has been added! The muesli has a crunch, but this comes naturally from the toasting of the seeds. Besides that the muesli has little bit of a sweet taste, but this is not due to tons of added sugar, instead this is sweetened  with a bit of agave nectar. Through the sweetness and the crunch i present to you this lovely breakfast which can be made in bulk so it only take 30 seconds to whip together a lovely nutritious breakfast.

You can use muesli in many different ways. I eat mine with almond milk or another plant based milk on top. Today i also added some blueberries for some extra yumminess. You can also eat it on yoghurt or even use at as a topping for your salad. A food of endless options! This is how i make my muesli:

This portion makes one container

  • 8 dl oats
  • 2 dl sunflower seeds
  • 4 tbsp agave nectar
  • 4 tbsp hemp seeds or linseeds
  • 6 tbsp popped quinoa
  • 6 tbsp chia seeds

Roast the oats, sunflower seeds and agave on a preheated pan at medium heat or in the oven at 170 celsius. Stir in the mixture regularly to avoid burning it. After roasting for 4 minutes you add the popped quinoa and the hemp seeds. When the muesli starts to become golden, turn down to low heat(If you are making it in the oven, skip this sted and keep the oven on). The muesli is done when the seeds have an even golden colour, then the chia seeds are added and the muesli is done. Put it in a container, but do not close it until the muesli has cooled down otherwise you will lose the crunch.

And there it is! If you are missing some of the seeds, it can always be replaced with your own choices or whatever you have available. Hope you enjoyed seeing my breakfast and seeing how simple breakfast can be done.


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