Welcome to my blog! My name is Emilie and i am 20 years old. I am currently living in a lovely apartment in Copenhagen, so if you have not guessed it: I am Danish. I am currently working as a kitchen assistent at a cafe in copenhagen. Next year i am applying to study as a midwife, also here in Copenhagen. This is what i hope to make my full time job.

My passion and hobby, on the other hand, is cooking. I love cooking, and i love eating more than anything. Therefore i thought i would share my passion with you through this blog. I am amongst other things planning on realeasing recipes, my thoughts on different subjekts, and a chance for you to look into what my life is like. I recently converted to a vegan and plantbased lifestyle, and my experiences with the change in diet, and all the new food i am going to cook, is some of the things you can be looking forward for me to share with you. Hope you enjoy and follow along.

Love – Emilie