Why am I vegan – series introduction

Sorry for the long pause in blog posts, but a recent promotion to sous chef has made me work a lot more, leaving even less time to think of delicious new recipes to share with you guys. I just need to get into a new habit with these extended work hours and i promise i will become more consistent. And thus creating  greater and better content as well, sounds perfect to me.

Today i thought it would be interesting for you to get more insight in the thoughts that have surrounded my transition from being meat eater and meat lover to being vegan. I want you to see what changed my mindset, hopefully this will give a better understanding of why one would chose to make such a dramatic change in their life. Maybe even inspire others to make the same transition as me. I hope you enjoy my becoming vegan story. This is my introduction and my story of becoming a vegan. I will follow up with 3 post explaining more in depth, the driving factors behind my choice. Today i will introduce you to the journey i was on, and hopefully give you some inspiration on what to read and what to watch if you want to enlighten yourself on the topic.  

I have always been interested in health, and so i have done a lot of research over the years trying to understand how we could prevent diseases through our diet. It was just a natural interest of mine. One of my favorite shows back then was a show called “The Food Hospital” where a nutritionist and a doctor helped people with chronic conditions to find relief through their diets. The results they produced were amazing, and this connection between health and food was something that i kept with me. It really made an impact, and to this day i am still convinced that the best we can do for ourselves and our health is to find a diet that is right for us.

This is where the trouble for me began. Because of the jungle of information available on what a healthy diet is, i was at a loss. It was overwhelming and confusing. I often confused weightloss-focused diets with being healthy, and that is certainly not always the case. I have tried so many different diets and i never stuck with them for more than a month. Because that is what they were, a diet. I wanted to do them but i was never able to keep doing it. I cheated, or ate things i knew were bad for me even though they technically were okay for the specific diet. This time around i am older and wiser and I now understand the fact that because my body was missing calories and was running on fat, it craved carbs which lead me to binging on sugar infested processed foods. Not good and not sustainable.

I always thought of eating fruits and vegetables as being healthy, this is after all where we get almost all of our nutrients from. So no matter what diet i was on, i always cooked with a lot of veggies, but i was still on diets all the time. One day i was just tired of restricting the amounts of food i ate and worrying about my diet. So i went online and watched a bit of youtube to console myself. This is where i stumbled on Bonnyrebeccas channel. I watched a couple of videos of hers and fell in love with the way she consumed food and her relationship with food. She was making, healthy and delicious vegan food and eating a lot of it. And this just sounded amazing to me. She was advocating a vegan, high carb low fat diet, the absolute opposite to the biggest diet craze at the moment, the paleo diet. Inspired by her, I started cutting out many of the animal products i ate, amped up the amounts of vegetables and legumes i was eating and also started feeling a lot better. I was still eating a couple of animal products occasionally, but vegetables and fruit were the main parts of my diet. For some reason i was not fully prepared and committed to going vegan even though i knew that it was better for me. I knew it was because i could feel how it affected my body when i ate animal products. I just could not find the motivation.

When i look back at the beginning of going vegan, i was falling straight back into old habits, and so i was destined to fail once again. I was binging on shitty foods, and feeling bad when i was hungry because I was not comfortable with eating more than I did when i was not vegan. All of this i had done on other diets before and i knew they were bad signs.  Well this time i managed to change it. One of the first days i was looking for excuses to eat something that came from an animal. So i clicked on Bonnyrebeccas video: “5 reasons you shouldn’t go vegan” because i was looking for all the downsides to veganism to give me a good reason to quit. That is not what i got, instead i was introduced to all the aspects that veganism has to offer. It is not just health, and especially not just a diet. It is a lifestyle. This video changed how i approach this change. It also changed how i see my diet. It inspired me to made it my lifestyle as well. The two factors, besides health and wellbeing, which were the catalysts in making veganism a lifestyle for me were the animals and the environment. As i said from the start, this is a series, I am going to cover all three of those topics, but in different posts. This way you will get an in depth  insight into what motivated me to go fully vegan.

Hope you enjoyed or maybe even found it inspiring or helpful, let me know what you think and what your thought on veganism are. I am looking very much forward to making another one of these soon.


Welcome to the blog, now it is my turn to share

It is a long period of consideration, which now has lead me to introduce you to my very own blog! Yes, now it is my turn to try for succes and challenge myself by sharing my experiences and thoughts with a group of strangers. To be specific, i would like to let you into my world, with focus on my diet and my lifestyle choices. But why is this part of my life more interesting than the rest? I have several factors which has lead me to choose this as my area of focus.

First reason, is the fact that i am a bit of a foodlover, and by that i mean that the kitchen is my personal playground. I love to cook, i love to experiment with cooking, and i love cooking which is lead by my intuition. Cooking has brought me many hours of entertainment, where i try a lot of exciting techniques and recipes. These hours, luckily, mostly result in tasty and delicious dishes or snacks, which often is the cause of excitement when it hits the table. This excitement is one of the major reasons why i enjoy cooking.

The second reason, is the fact that i have realized how a lot of people do not feel comfortable in a kitchen, as a result therefore they simply choose not try, since they think of cooking as too much of a hassle.  Although to me cooking has never been a hassle, and some delicious snacks can be whipped up in seconds if you know what to do. I can help give that insight and show how easily things can be made with whatever you have in your kitchen. I would love to be able to give these people some experiences of succes which hopefully be able to spark their love for cooking.

Thirdly i recently converted to a MIDLERTIDIG vegan lifestyle and therefore i am currently forced to think outside the box when it comes cooking. Many of the recipes i used to live by either contain meat, dairy or egg. This has caused me to develop a lot of exciting, healthy and plantbased dishes. I thought, my experiences with the transitioning  and the development which is currently happening with my diet, would be an interesting journey for you to follow.

The last and most meaningful reason is my lovely friends from high school. They always told my that i needed to share my knowledge of cooking and create a cookbook. I was always ambitious with my school lunches, mostly because i can’t stand the thought of having to eat dry rye bread with cold cuts of meat(A standard danish school lunch). Therefore i always made salads, sandwiches, and other exiting things and brought with me. These often got a lot of attention and recognition from my classmates and this has given me the confidence to share them with the world. As a result thereof i created this blog, so welcome and thank you to anyone who is interested in sharing this journey of food with me.